Okay, creative writing

By Nana Bruce-Amanquah 

Mental and physical health issues are hard enough for anyone to deal with. It’s also hard to love someone going through a situation like that. This poem is from the perspective of someone whose loved one is dealing with an unspecified mental/physical health issue and explores the accompanying rollercoaster of emotions. The structure was inspired by the poem “Pretty Ugly” by Abdullah Shoaib. Like “Pretty Ugly”, this poem is meant to be read top to bottom and then bottom up. 


We are not going to get through this. 

I’m not interested in believing that 

They are going to be okay.

Regardless of what the doctors or anyone else may say, 

This diagnosis might as well be the end of the world.

I don’t have to buy into the idea that

These emotions or stages of grief are worth the trouble.

And all the denial, anger, bargaining, and depression…

Will lead us to some sort of acceptance of this entire situation. 

Our frustration and pain are shocking. At the end of the day, they show and 

They highlight the amount of strength it takes to handle life right now. 

Oh God, the things we are going through!

How tired I am of seeing those I love be tired!

How miserable they are to see me miserable and 

How agonizing it is just to look at those I love these days. 

Sometimes all I can do is sit down and dwell on

The Big Question: Will we ever be happy again? 

(Now read bottom up) 

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